Saturday, July 12, 2014

Using Color Overlays

I have found that certain pictures can really blossom when I apply a color overlay.  This berry picture started out delicious, but with a few layers, it transformed into something too good to eat. :)

Sweet and Wild

black raspberries: Original

Cream overlay

1) A creamy overlay (I used #fde4ce, soft light) lifts the shadows and mid-tones, but keeps a juicy contrast, overall. I would have been happy with this, but then I tried a midnight overlay

Midnight overlay

2) The midnight overlay is just a dark color I chose to try to compliment the rich berry color. I chose #14081d, and set the mode to soft light (after experimenting with a few others.) It did make the picture a tad darker and muted the background a bit more, but it needed that for the next step.

3) The final step was adding a texture overlay. Shadowhouse Creations has lots of lovely FREE textures that I love to use.  This one is called "Used Canvas." Again, set to soft light, and adjust opacity.

Before and after

Both versions work, but I was going for a more antique, delicate, artistic look. If you want a natural, green, no-filter look, don't add filters!